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The Classical Difference is published by the Association of Classical & Christian Schools (ACCS) on behalf of member schools. We educate and inspire parents and supporters to discover the benefits of classical Christian education, and support their local school. With the challenges we face in our culture today, Christians are discovering this form of education because it can form culture, as it transforms minds. The Classical Difference is published 4 times per year— Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall. Subscriptions to member school’s parents are arranged by the member school. Paid subscriptions are also available.



“The Classical Difference,” First Issue, November 15, 2015

The Classical Difference is a publication of the Association of Classical and Christian Schools (ACCS). Views expressed in The Classical Difference do not necessarily represent the views of the association or our members. Our goal is to inform and expand the community of supporters of classical Christian education. The Classical Difference is mailed, at the request of member schools, to parents who have enrolled in ACCS member schools. If you do not wish to receive this publication, please contact our offices at office@classicaldifference.com. If you wish this publication to be mailed to a friend or relative, gift subscriptions are available.

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The ACCS represents more than 250 schools in 45 states and 6 countries. We have a governing board of 10, 4 of which are elected from our membership on 4 year terms. Our offices are located in Moscow, Idaho and Boise, Idaho. We sponsor the national “Repairing the Ruins” conference for classical Christian educators and friends. We also offer training, staffing, directory, and speaking services.

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